industrial process control stations


As industrial facilities respond to the ever changing marketplace and to tightening regulatory requirements, they must accelerate product development cycles and reduce operational costs while improving the safety and environmental performance of their facilities. The approach that holds the greatest potential for success is that of a collaborative effort harvesting the best ideas from a variety of technical disciplines. And Pickering Associates is the firm with a multi-disciplined team dedicated to implementing the necessary improvements. So whether you are in need of expanding a presently existing facility, optimizing operational efficiency, converting industrial wastes into reusable products, evaluating reliable water sources, implementing new technology or building an entirely new plant, we have the right resources.

Pickering Associates provides our industrial clients with decades of successful projects that have delivered innovative solutions through seamlessly integrating engineering, architecture, surveying, and construction management services all under one roof. We provide a unique experience through our commitment in forging client relationships that last. Combine this with our extraordinary in-house design capabilities and multifaceted design teams and you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that Pickering Associates has not only provided you with a solution to your project development needs but has delivered additional value to you and your community as well.


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