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We believe in creating a culture of sustainability within our Company and through the services we provide to our clients.

Embedded in our culture and actions are the concepts of altruism, social responsibility, and sustainability. At Pickering Associates, we are committed to doing what is right. We do so by demonstrating environmental, economic and social accountability and by actively promoting a culture of health and safety for our employees and clients.

Our 3 Focus Areas of Sustainability:

Sustainable Design

Pickering Associates has several LEED accredited design professionals on staff that have completed various LEED Registered or Certified projects. Completed projects have earned Certified, Silver, Gold, and even Platinum status. Pickering Associates designed and built the first, and currently only, LEED Platinum home in West Virginia, which is a zero-net-energy home that serves as a prototype for sustainable building practices in the region. Our team works with local business owners and industry leaders to design high-efficiency solutions that minimize or mitigate environmental impact.

Renewable Energy

In collaboration with our renewable energy company, Pickering Energy Solutions, we designed and installed a number of solar power systems in the US and Africa in the past three years. In addition to designing systems for local and global partners, we installed our own PV system, which provides 100% of the power used by our Building 3 office. We are currently in the process of erecting a second array, which will power our Building 1 office, and include four fast-charging EV stations.

You can view a live monitor of our campus’s solar energy production here: Solar Array Live Feed

Community Outreach

Pickering Associates employees have delivered talks on sustainability, high-efficiency building systems, renewable energy and social responsibility at regional Universities, local high schools and elementary schools, and professional seminars. With years of experience, our team serves as a regional resource for sustainability and renewable energy.

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Solar panels on domestic homes
Pickering Energy Solutions Africa trip