When it comes to surveying, the equipment is a key role in the job function. The GPS Network Rover, Total Station, and Prism Pole, Robotic Total Station and Prism Pole, and the GPS Base/ Rover System are all key players in a surveyor’s daily tasks. This high-tech equipment makes surveying more efficient and effective.

1: GPS Network Rover:

This is not your typical GPS yelling at you to turn left in 100 feet or to make a U-Turn. By connecting to local established networks to receive connections to the errors contained in standalone GPS readings, this high-tech GPS can provide accuracies within ½” over whole countries. The GPS Network Rover only takes one person to operate, so it is cost-efficient. However, it must have internet access and a reasonable view of the sky with limited obstructions and sometimes that may not be possible.

2 & 3: Total Station and Prism Pole:

The Total Station and Prism Pole have been around since the early ’90s. Using laser technology, it can accurately record the angle and distance between two points. While the Crew Chief stands at the Total Station (gun), the Rodman places the Prism Pole on or next to the object to be located. An accurate reading is then recorded from the station to the pole. This piece of equipment is ideal for those areas that may be covered in foliage; however, it does require two people to operate.

4 & 5: Robotic Total Station and Prism Pole:

This newly designed technology takes the idea of the Total Station and Prism Pole but makes it more cost-effective and precise. Just like the Total Station and Prism Pole, it captures the angle and distance between two points. But now, with this technology advancement, all of the work can now be done with one person and just from the Prism Pole.

When the Robotic Total Station is set in place it now tracks the Prism Pole. When you want to record the distance and angle between the Prism Pole and the Station you just have to tell the robot to fire its laser and it will record the data. This dynamic duo is perfect for construction applications.

6: GPS Base/ Rover System:

This piece of equipment takes on a primary role for a surveyor and their services. It carries the same characteristic of the GPS Network Rover, to be able to track accuracies of within ½” over counties, but instead, it only requires two units linked together. This eliminates the need for the internet as well as the errors from stand-alone GPS readings. This is still a one-man job but does require a reasonably good view of the sky.

Some other things that we may not think about when it comes to surveying are all the other equipment and tools, they utilize. Things like knives, brush axes, snake bite guards, bug spray, boots, gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses are all essential to the daily jobs of surveyors. However, one of the most important pieces that you will find behind their seat in their truck is their lunch and lots of water.