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Pickering Associates provides comprehensive Architecture, Engineering and Surveying services, focused on precise results, efficient practices and community-minded solutions.

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Sophisticated technology allows our experts, located in offices throughout West Virginia
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CASE STUDIES: Affecting Change in Our Communities

Safe School Entrances

The Problem: Outdated and unsecure school entrances. Older school design did not always take into account the primary components for a secure front entrance that is now necessary for today’s environment.

Pickering’s Solution: We understand the importance of providing safe and secure environments for all students and staff. A secure entrance can prevent unwanted or unauthorized entry by displaying a more positive security image and mitigating an intruder’s ability to enter the school. We meet with principals and staff at each school to better understand how their school operated and the issues that they were forced to deal with on a daily basis. Our modified school entrance designs included: encouraging a single point of entry, adding a secure entrance vestibule with access control, rearranging the front office area to create greater visibility and monitoring by staff, and educating the staff about safe school practices. The new entrance designs created boundaries between the public and private spaces and directed visitors to the appropriate areas for presenting credentials prior to accessing the school.

Technology Used: Building Information Modeling, Gypsum-based 3D Printer

Benefit to the Community: Safer schools promote protection of students from violence, theft, weapons, and the sale of illegal substances. Safer schools promote emotional and physical security and are linked to improved academic performance.  

Bridge Evaluations

The Problem: How to efficiently and accurately capture existing structural conditions of bridges.

Pickering's Solution: Regardless of bridge type, our team is able to employ our three-dimensional scanner at strategic locations on-site to get the most information from the bridges. To assist with new bridge construction, the three-dimensional scanner can gather ample field elevation points of floodplain and terrain to assist with hydraulic studies. This data can be tied to geographic coordinate systems through ground control points and be supplemented with traditional surveying methods.

Technology Used: Faro 3D Scanner, Building Information Modeling

Benefit to the Community: The millions of points generated from field scans improve modeling accuracy against the traditional cross-sectional methods which are typically performed at select intervals. The points generated allow the Engineer or Owner to review field data, take measurements, and compare recurrent scans to determine if and when rehabilitation efforts are necessary.