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Private Development

As the top architectural and engineering firm in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Pickering takes great pride in our ongoing relationships we build and maintain with our clients.  Private project development and execution is as much about the design details as it is about clear, concise communication and transparency requiring a design team to prove its value to the owner.  As unique as each client is, so are their needs and required outcomes for a project; there is no single design solution which works for every client and private investment projects require a team that is attune with this challenge, can help assess the owner’s needs and provide concise project execution.  While important with every project, creating and cultivating a collective team environment which includes all designers, the owner and key personnel is critical to the success of a project.

We recognize when private investments are made into the project budget that a sense of ownership is also carried into the project and the importance of accounting for every dollar expended throughout the process.  Pickering has developed over the years a thorough project execution process where we focus on continuous and transparent communications, detailed documentation of project development and milestones, extensive team environments where clients can be serviced effectively, and development and discussion of options available to the owner with costs associated with each option.  The successful completion of a project with Pickering is measured by the success of our client’s use of their project upon completion.

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