Pickering Associates architectural and engineering team discussing core values

Core Values

Our Mission

Our Mission at Pickering Associates is to provide Architectural, Engineering and Surveying Design services to our customers which are high quality and delivered in a timely manner.

Our Methods

These services are provided by a company that:

  • Values its employees, families, and community we live in
  • Minimizes the impact of its operation on the environment
  • Fosters the development of its employees and is a fun place to work

Pickering Associates intends to provide high quality Architectural, Engineering and Surveying Design Services for its customers in a friendly operating environment, one that respects the profession, company and employees’ interest.

We recognize that:

  • The owner wants a quality design which meets his expectations, needs and desires as a finished product, is straight forward in operation, is delivered in a timely manner, and is implemented in a manner which will be energy-efficient for long term operation.
  • The Company wants projects which are challenging, which can be implemented in an environment of trust and open communication, and a reasonable return for its invested financial and human resources.
  • The employees want a stimulating work situation – one where growth and personal development is encouraged, and where an environment of mutual respect underlies all that is done.

The above goals shall be implemented on the foundation of Safety and respect for the laws and regulations of our land, and with humility and reverence for God.