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Educational Facilities

The term “Educational Facility” encompasses a diverse range of needs and requirements. Child development centers and elementary schools are fundamentally different than classrooms for high school students and buildings for higher education. Educational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized and the only common element is the need for a “space for teaching and learning”. Today’s technology is demanding a new look at design for every type of educational facility. Designers for educational facilities are challenged with creating a space that facilitates learning, while also taking in account concerns for the health and well-being of those using the building.

The design of educational facilities requires an understanding of the functional needs for students, staff, and administration, and should be designed to have a strong connection to the community in which they operate. These buildings should be inviting, comfortable, healthy, aesthetically pleasing, acoustically designed, ADA compliant, and most of all, safe. Some of the current strategies for educational design include: sustainable building materials, daylighting, low maintenance materials and systems, and the use of renewable energy sources.

We recognize that every educational client has specific needs and that every project is unique. We make every effort to understand our Client’s needs, and the needs of all stakeholders involved with the project. We know the importance of designing cost-effective buildings and working within the guidelines of a set budget for our Clients. We are also aware of limited construction schedules for our Educational Clients who are concerned with maintaining operations year round, or have limited down-time to fit in a new project or renovation. Rest assured that we will assemble the design team that is right for your project and fully understand the anticipated scope, schedule and budget so your project is a success!

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