healthcare facility in mid-ohio valley

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are essential to the health of our population. Designing these healthcare facilities requires a balance of technical requirements with the needs of doctors, staff, and patients. The design of a healthcare facility should communicate the type of medical care being provided as well as convey a welcoming sense of comfort, care, and well-being for the patients. Everything from the parking and drop-off areas to the signage, security, and finishes must be carefully considered and planned out in the building design. These items can greatly affect the overall patient experience and image for the facility and a thoughtful design can ensure that a suitable first-impression is created and maintained.

The architecture and engineering of a facility is often recognized as an important tool in attracting and retaining the best doctors, nurses, and staff as well as the most patients. The building design and layout as well as the intended functioning of the space should be carefully studied when building new or renovating an existing facility. The layout of the spaces must be efficient for both patients and staff to use, and flexible enough in design to prevent it from being limited with the ever-changing needs and technologies of the healthcare industry. An aesthetically pleasing facility is a key aspect of the perceived quality of care. This aspect of design must be reflected in the design from start to completion and considered in respect to the client’s budget.

The design of healthcare facilities is often regulated by governing authorities, thus requiring a more strict design to meet specific healthcare regulations. Pickering Associates understands the required healthcare regulations and permitting process, and is familiar with the authorities have jurisdiction. We make every effort during the design phases of the project to involve the proper team, including the governing agencies, so all aspects of the project are considered and well thought-out before construction begins.

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