Yeagert Airport civic facility fire, crash, and rescue station inside

Civic Facilities

For owners and designers, civic buildings present a unique set of challenges and opportunities in an effort to maintain, renovate and expand services provided within the facility as well as service a wide range of individuals all with different needs and abilities.  While some civic facility projects allow a design team to start from the ground up, many civic building projects involve the adaptive reuse of an existing facility or an addition to an existing facility in order to facilitate the owner’s continued demand for growth.  It is also important for owners to find a team with the depth of experience in dealing within the restrictions of limited budgets, governing regulations, multiple phase oversight and approving agencies.

Civic buildings also present a unique design for the team selected for a project by the fact that potentially every component of the design will be subjected to an expanded range of users that are normally not present in other facility designs.  Pickering throughout the years has been able to engage with many civic organizations to provide design and consultant services on multiple projects including court room designs, upgrades and renovations, 911 Command Centers, office facilities, fire stations, and conference centers.  Our depth of experience and staffing provides owners with the knowledge and resources to execute their projects effectively.  We understand and execute projects to create facilities which meet ADA compliance, higher security through knowledgeable design practices and the use of technology, greater occupancy safety while providing our clients with scheduled phase gate review points for proper oversight and approval, concise project management to maintain budget and schedule oversight and assistance throughout the review and approval process with governing agencies.

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